If you are not sure what is entailed or what to expect regarding time-intensive recording projects, let's meet and discuss your music so you can get an idea what your final costs will be.

(Email for quickest response. Otherwise leave voice or text message at 507.722.1815


Hourly Flat Rate* regardless of type of project (music/podcast/corporate) 
Includes studio, all gear, recording engineer


Hourly Flat Rate* - includes audio technician

CD MASTERING - $40 per track

Mastering is the process of finalizing a fully-mixed recording and preparing it for distribution. Some factors involved in mastering are: enhancing the overall sound of each track, unifying the sound of a record, giving depth and dimension to the mixes, maintaining consistency across an album, and embedding metadata.


Producing is included in all services above at no extra charge except for related pre-production costs (listening to your songs, transcribing/notating the music as necessary, creating scratch tracks if applicable). The pre-production rate is the same as the Mixing/Editing/Sweetening rate ($40/hr). 


Hourly Flat Rate for Instrumentalists and BGVs* - $52
Hourly Flat Rate for Lead Vocalists* - $104

Musicians-for-hire are available to play or sing on various projects. These are primarily professional musicians who perform and/or record for a living and require no rehearsal. They can hear your song in scratch form in the session and perform in any key or meter on the fly. Most single-song sessions do not require more than one-to-two hours of recording time (although this may vary depending on the complexity of the music). Multiple takes of each instrument or vocal part are recorded and the best elements of each take are comped into a single track and put in the mix. The Session Musician Fees listed above are in addition to the studio time for them to record. If you want to bring in your own musicians, you are free of course to do so (and negotiate payment with them individually if necessary) instead of using studio musicians, but do keep in mind that amateur musicians generally require more time in the studio and the difference in quality is noticeable in the final product. 


For music production and original music composition & scoring, see the Music Production page.

*One-hour minimum per session, billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour.
All necessary set-up time is billable.


**Off-site recording is also an option for an additional fee depending on distance and the needs demanded by the recording environment. Call, text, or email to discuss.


All rates subject to change without notice.
However, any project started under current rates is kept at those rates for the duration of the project up to six months.